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(5/21/22 9:47 PM) 11 more days :O!!

(5/6/22 3:05 PM) AHH im going to turn 17 soon!! I am so excited but so nervous hahah [:> my bday is on june 1st and I dont know what to do.. Maybe go to an arcade because why not? I'm also really nervous about being a senior very soon because WOW one minute I was a freshman and the next im a junior about to be a senior.

(4/21/22 3:53 PM) haha its been a little while since i've touched this! I'm having a good day today :] nothing special has really happened but i'm feeling good. All the 'special' things that's really happened as of recently was a gosh dang fever, and that's no fun at all. As of today i'm feeling better; the coughs wont stop yet but i'm sure they'll go away. Thanks for coming, I know it's been 2 months since this was last updated. Almost forgot I had this LOL! alright love you

(2/28/22 8:50 AM) ahh oh wow!! FInally finished first comic. I feel pretty proud oughrhg doing a happy dance!! Asides from that i've had a real good weekend I don't have much to say but weeheehoo!!!! rolling all over the floor. My name crisis is no longer my problem anymore. Alrighttt???? Idk what else to say LOL

(2/12/22 11:05 PM) This is sort of a quick ramble about identity crisis, sorry. WELL not really an identity crisis but i've been going through a name crisis, im not talking about pennames im talking about name names. I haven't been happy with the names i've been going by recently, funny because I go by a lot of names but I feel like they dont feel like ME yknow??? I don't know aurhg but i'm still trying to find a name that fits me and maybe i'll appreciate myself a little more ^o^, sorry if this was a little personal I needed to get this out of me because I hate not knowing who I really am and it just sucks.

(2/7/22 8:34 PM) ahh i've had an alright day today! i've gotten my new cornpy (AND NOT EVEN A DAY HAS PASSED BUT MY CORNPY 'Squibly' btw HAS ALREADY BEEN EATING MY HOMEWORK! ughhh, its ok I love squibly still!) and my collection is growing WOO. I also went out to drive out again (for practice) and beeped at someone for the first time I felt so much guilt (im not used to beeping at people) but it felt pretty nice (im not a bitter person I swear!). I also found an emulator for tomodachi life and its pretty fun (I am broke). alrightt I dont have much else to share but these, thanks!


(1/31/22 11:37 PM) been feeling pretty alright recently, i've been working on a lot of stuff recently which has been slowing my down a lot from doing art, just tons of things yknow? Anyways I just have been thinking a lot recently been thinking a lot about how I used to believe in slenderman and how he was just going to come and get me (ahh scary!) What an awful time, kind of upset I've been afraid a lot just because I thought he was real


(1/28/22 2:45 AM) Wow wow uh!!!! Hello hello, this is my first journal entry i'm Tahwco or whatever you want to call me, seriously you could call me any stupid name like doodoohead or anything like that and i'd be fine with that (hi hi my name is doodoohead....) kidding kidding. I guess i'll start off with saying how my day was, it's been REALLY REALLY busy! spent half of my day trying to research about shark ancestors and trying to find out whether or not the sources were reliable, had to write paragraph about both. I love sharks with all my heart but oh jee it's such a pain trying to find out if a source was reliable or not that was so painful. After that I spent my day trying to complete one of my portfolio pieces, it was alright. Doing some coding now at this time which to be honest i'm really sleepy but that's ok i'll rest soon don't worry, just got busy the other day making me not being able to fix my site so i'm trying to make it up a bit tonight. Currently i'm in a really good mood despite feeling tired but just really really happy for no reason I feel like i'm going to explode!!!! guess this should be enough of today's journal entry I hope you enjoyed me talking about my day and oh wow I just saw the time ok bye